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Please ensure that you do not drop off your child or have your child attend a class if either of you are even starting to feel unwell. Thank you!

Hey Parents,

We wanted to help keep everyone in the loop to any potential changes to our classes for the next while, if you have any further questions you can reach us through our "Contact us" page.

-Are you changing anything about your classes?:

Absolutely! The biggest changes we're making are around helping children to actively prevent the spread of any unwanted sickness. Increased attention to cleanliness and safe practice and sharing of the in-class equipment are the most prominent of these changes.

-Is your LEGO and other Equipment Sanitized?

We are handling all our equipment in the same clean fashion that we always do, however with our upcoming programs we're making an increased effort to keep children working with the same equipment through the duration of the program to ensure the absolute least amount of possible spreading of any germs!

-Are your classes safe to attend?:

We're ensuring that they're as safe as possible. We are making as many efforts available in following the guidelines of our host community centres to keep our programs safe! However, responsibility relies on the parent and child attending to follow the proper protocols to protect themselves and their classmates from the spread of germs.

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