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AUG 10 - 14:   Scratch Coding 

AUG 10 - 14:   Wedo2

AUG 10 - 14:   Comic Adventures 

AUG 10 - 14:   Brick Animation  

AUG 17 - 21:   Scratch Coding       

AUG 17 - 21:   Wedo2

AUG 17 - 21:   Comic Adventures 

AUG 17 - 21:   Brick Animation

Scratch Coding:

Requirements: (2 Devices)
Computer or Laptop or IPAD for Scratch
Computer or Laptop or IPAD for Zoom

Learn the basics to make your own interactive stories, games and more! (Recommended for students with no/minimal scratch experience!)



12:30 pm-1:45

2:30 pm-3:45





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Requirements: (2 Devices)
-Your own LEGO
-Computer or Laptop or IPAD for Zoom
-Tablet/IPAD with Stop Motion Studio or NFB Stopmo

Brick Animation:

Discover how to use Stop-Motion animation to create exciting stories with your favorite 

LEGO and characters!

Requirements: (2 Devices)
-Computer or Laptop or IPAD for Zoom
-Your own LEGO

-Tablet or IPAD with Book Creator APP (Premium $6.99 required)

Comic Adventures:

Make your own action packed adventures, funny stories or dramatic tales! Explore the world of Comic Book creation using LEGO elements! Write your script, build your sets, plan out your scenes and then let the action commence!


Requirements: (2 Devices)
-IPAD with WeDo 2 APP
-Computer/Laptop/IPAD for Zoom
-WeDo 2 Kit

Learn the basics of robotics and applied science with the WeDo 2 program!

LEGO Boost:

Requirements: (2 Devices)
-LEGO Boost Kit
-Tablet or IPAD with LEGO Boost APP
-Computer or Laptop or IPAD with Zoom

Build and program simple robots with the LEGO boost kit!